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The Navigator (1924) was Keaton's most commercially successful film, and one of his most inventive. A picaresque adventure that manages to combine seafaring, naval conflict, island cannibals and deep-sea diving, it marks a major step forward for both Keaton's comedy and the craft of filmmaking. 

Keaton stars as the wealthy and impulsive Rollo Treadway, who decides to propose to his beautiful socialite neighbor, Betsy O’Brien. Although Betsy turns Rollo down, he still opts to go on the cruise that he intended as their honeymoon. When circumstances find both Rollo and Betsy on the wrong ship, they end up having adventures on the high seas.

Screens with Neighbors (1920), a comical vision of star-crossed lovers that includes regular Keaton collaborators (and silent film stars) Virginia Fox and Joe Roberts.






Buster Keaton, Kathryn McGuire, Frederick Vroom


Donald Crisp

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