At Cameo we value and respect all of our customers, and as our business evolves we continually strive to cater to the needs of people of all abilities.

Wheelchair Access

Cinemas 1 to 4, 6 and 7 are all wheelchair accessible via the foyer and ground floor corridors. Cinema 5 is wheelchair accessible via a stair climber in the foyer. The Cameo Outdoor cinema can be accessed via an alleyway and tunnel on the right side of the building. Please inform staff if you require wheelchair access to the Outdoor Cinema.

Lift Location

The stair climber at Cameo is located on the staircase at the left of the food and drink bar in the foyer area. This device is staff-operated and only accommodates one patron at a time. Patrons must be able to sit down on a chair provided in order for it to safely operate.

Wheelchair Accessible Spaces and Companion Seating in Cinemas

There are two wheelchair accessible spaces in Cinemas 1 to 3, and one wheelchair accessible space in Cinemas 6 and 7. Cinema 4 has one wheelchair space, however, this is the front row and has restricted viewing. Cinema 5 has wheelchair accessibility, this is accessible via a stair lift.

For each wheelchair accessible space there is a matching companion seat beside it.

At the Cameo Outdoor Cinema, seating is not allocated so patrons are welcome to sit anywhere they prefer.

Wheelchair Accessible Bathrooms

The wheelchair accessible bathroom is located outside of Cinema 3. More specifically, its entrance is found immediately next to the entrance to the male toilets. This bathroom also includes a baby change table.

Closed Caption Devices

At this stage we do not have Closed Caption devices at  Cameo, but watch this space! We are working hard to have Closed Caption devices available soon.

Hearing Loops

Hearing loops are located in all cinemas. These are most consistently found in the middle of the back rows in each cinema. Specific seat numbers cannot be indicated as the customer's experience using the hearing loop may be dependent on their device.


At Cameo, we pride ourselves on catering to a wide range of customers from a variety of backgrounds. We strive to provide compelling programming for people of different cultural backgrounds, first languages, sexualities, genders and ages. We also offer a broad range of food and drink options for people with vegetarian diets and various food intolerances (including gluten and lactose). We are committed to making everyone feel welcome and facilitating an enjoyable time at the movies!