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The Laugh Special of the Age. See It.

"Amazing stunts, great sight gags and Buster Keaton on top form, a comic classic." – Empire

Steamboat Bill Jr. (1928), one of Keaton's most iconic films, will live in our collective memory forever for its defining stunt. Keaton has half a building dropped on him, and narrowly avoids being crushed by fitting through a window. In a career that routinely mixed the dangerous and the submile, this is one of Keaton's best visuals. But the film surrounding this stunt deserves to be celebrated too: it contains a charming Romeo and Juliet love story, a moving tale of father-son love, and plenty of other incredible sight gags.

Keaton stars as a just out of college effete son of a no-nonsense steamboat captain, who comes to visit his father whom he's not seen since he was little.

Screens with The Scarecrow (1921), one of Keaton's early shorts that features a delightfully inventive series of Rube Goldberg devices, alongside one his most charming silent film co-stars, Luke The Dog. 






Buster Keaton, Tom McGuire, Ernest Torrence, Tom Lewis, Marion Byron


Buster Keaton, Charles Reisner

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