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Australian Premiere

Meet the hungry bears: the big one is Ned, and the little one is Mishka, and their crazy adventures revolve around the different ways in which they try to get something delicious to eat!

In their first adventure, we'll see them meet, discover truffles, celebrate Christmas in the summer, argue, and organise a huge feast for bears from all over the world. Then, in a special extra film, Ned and Mishka get an invitation to the polar popsicle festival. They can’t wait, but the problem is, they don’t know where the North Pole is. On their journey across continents, they meet new animal friends, who they help get out of trouble.

Full of wit and adventure, these stories for our youngest viewers will also charm and delight older family members.

Screens as 1x 40-min and 1x 26-min episodes.


All Ages




Czech Republic




Alexandra Hetmerová, Katerina Karhánková

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