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UPDATE: Due to new lockdown restrictions in Melbourne, the LLICFF has been rescheduled to Saturday 11 September. If you have any questions please contact us here.

The Lantern & Light International Children's Film Festival is a festival of films made by young people aged 6 to 18. Dedicated to finding and supporting young filmmaking talent, LLICFF offers prestigious awards across various categories and is a great way for children to discover the joys of film.

The 2021 festival takes place over 11th & 12th September, and is filled with local & international short film screenings, special events, and a particular focus on regional filmmakers. The festival is presented by the Ranges Academy for the Performing Arts (RAPA).

If you want to support the next generation of filmmakers while enjoying exciting new shorts, come on down! For further information, or to check out some of the shorts screened at the previous festival, head to LLICFF's website