Times & Tickets

Rated M (Sexual references, coarse language, drug use and nudity), 118 mins

Rated PG (Mild themes), 100 mins

Not yet rated, 160 mins

Not yet rated, 113 mins

Rated G (Very mild themes and coarse language), 109 mins

Not yet rated, 98 mins

Rated PG (Mild themes and animated violence), 90 mins

Rated G, 80 mins

Rated MA15+ (Strong sex scenes and coarse language), 89 mins

Not yet rated, 90 mins

Rated PG, 105 mins

Rated MA15+ (Strong crude sexual humour, coarse language and drug references), 101 mins

Not yet rated (Subtitled)

Not yet rated (Subtitled)

Rated M (Supernatural themes, violence and sustained threat), 111 mins

Rated M (Mature themes and violence), 133 mins

Rated M (Coarse language), 111 mins

Rated M (Action violence and coarse language), 149 mins

Rated PG, 106 mins

Rated M, 105 mins

Rated M (Mature themes and violence), 141 mins