The Last Suit

The Last Suit

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Release Date: Thursday, 2 August 2018.
Starring Miguel Ángel Sola, Angela Molina.
Directed by Pablo Solarz.
Classification: PG (Mild themes and course language), 92 mins.
Country: Argentina, Spain.
Language: Spanish, German, Polish, Yiddish (subtitled).

Abraham Bursztein, an octogenarian Jewish tailor, embarks on the adventure of a lifetime. Escaping a family intent on confining him to a nursing home, Abraham leaves Buenos Aires in search of the man who, over 70 years ago, saved him from certain death.

With assistance from a roll call of generous strangers, the sharply-dressed suitmaker makes his way across Europe to Poland, undeterred by travel mishaps, family foibles and geographical obstacles.

Heartfelt and charming, with a wonderful comedic flavour, The Last Suit reminds us of the enduring importance of family, friends and keeping your word.

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