The King Is Dead!

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Release Date: Thursday, 12 July 2012.
Starring Gary Waddell, Dan Wyllie, Bojana Novakovic, Luke Ford.
Directed by Rolf de Heer.
Classification: MA15+ (Frequent strong coarse language and violence), 102 mins.
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Open inspection at the house-for-sale in the quiet, leafy neighbourhood...Max, science teacher, and Therese, tax accountant, decide that here is the house for them.

Unsuspecting, they buy and move in, finding a nice family on one side and, well, "interesting" on the other. But interesting soon becomes loud, and loud soon becomes intolerable and when the intolerable becomes the violent, and the police are powerless to do anything, and the community lawyer suggests ear plugs, Max and Therese are forced to try and solve the problem of the neighbour from hell themselves...and end up with a corpse on their hands.

But even that's not the worst of it, because the corpse from hell has friends...and even worse, enemies...