Pretty Good Friends

Pretty Good Friends

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Release Date: Thursday, 7 May 2015.
Starring Jenni Townsend, Rain Fuller, Nathan Barillaro.
Directed by Sophie Townsend.
Classification: Not yet rated, 77 mins.
Country: Australia.

A combination of comedy, romance and drama, Sophie Townsend’s Pretty Good Friends confronts the idea of the ‘emotional affair’ and how human connection can inspire and ignite unknown truths within us, for better or worse. Set against a real representation of Melbourne, the film provides an intimate and raw portrayal of three young people on a journey of self-definition.

The film tells the story of Jules (Jenni Townsend), who moves home to Melbourne with the hopes of re-inventing herself in time for her 25th birthday. She moves in with her childhood friend, Sam (Rain Fuller), and Sam’s long-term boyfriend Alex (Nathan Barillaro). Juggling the rekindling of an old friendship while an exciting new one emerges tests the boundaries of friendship and puts Jules in a dangerous position.

Pretty Good Friends recently won Best International Feature at the StarLite Film Festival (Florida), and is the only Australian film in the Going Green Film Festival (Los Angeles), screening throughout April via VOD service Roku, available to over 8 million viewers.

The locally made film has also been highlighted in The Age, Sydney Morning Herald, SpeakerTV, ABC Radio National and Cinema Australia as one of Australia’s first ‘mumblecore’ films.

Following the film there will be a Q&A with actors Jenni Townsend, Rain Fuller, Nathan Barillaro as well as director Sophie Townsend and cinematographer Tom Swinburn.