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Release Date: Thursday, 24 August 2017.
Starring Ethan Hawke, Sally Hawkins, Kari Matchett, Billy MacLellan, Nik Sexton.
Directed by Aisling Walsh.
Classification: PG (Mild themes and sexual references), 116 mins.
Country: Canada, Ireland.

MAUDIE, based on a true story, is an unlikely romance in which the reclusive Everett Lewis (Ethan Hawke) hires a fragile yet determined woman named Maudie (Sally Hawkins) to be his housekeeper. Maud, bright-eyed but hunched with crippled hands, yearns to be independent, to live away from her protective family and she also yearns, passionately, to create art. Unexpectedly, Everett finds himself falling in love. MAUDIE charts Everettas efforts to protect himself from being hurt, Maudas deep and abiding love for this difficult man and her surprising rise to fame as a folk painter.

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