Hotel Coolgardie

Hotel Coolgardie

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Release Date: Thursday, 20 July 2017.
Starring Pete Gleeson.
Directed by Strong coarse language.
Classification: MA15+ (Strong coarse language), 84 mins.
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Fresh off the plane and in need of money, two Finnish backpackers find themselves the latest batch of “fresh meat” sent to work as barmaids at the only pub in a remote Australian mining town.

Confronted with a culture of alienation and impunity – in limbo between being desired and disdained, their working holiday rapidly deteriorates into a bizarre test of endurance, as they discover that to meet expectations they’ll need to do more than just pour drinks.

Set deep in Australia’s harsh interior, Hotel Coolgardie is a sometimes amusing, sometimes appalling, surprisingly moving portrait of small town insularity, fragile masculinity and the plight of the outsider forced to adapt or face the consequences.