20th Century Women

20th Century Women

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Release Date: Thursday, 1 June 2017.
Starring Annette Bening, Elle Fanning, Greta Gerwig.
Directed by Mike Mills.
Classification: M (Sexual references, coarse language, drug use and nudity), 118 mins.
Official Site: http://20thcenturywomen-movie.com/
Country: USA.

★★★★ “A rushing river of gorgeous moments. Deliciously watchable.” The Guardian

“Annette Bening is simply glorious. Dorothea is one complicated woman, and the actor plays her with riveting complexity and compassion. A magnificent performance.” Rolling Stone

Set in California in the summer of 1979, Annette Bening, Greta Gerwig and Elle Fanning star in 20th Century Women, a richly multi-layered, humorous and heart-stirring love letter to the women who raise us and the times that shape us, from acclaimed writer/director Mike Mills (Beginners). The film centres on Dorothea (Bening), a single mum raising her teenage son at a moment brimming with cultural change and rebellion. To help guide him through life, she
enlists the help of the two women in their lives; Abbie (Gerwig), a free-spirited, punk-loving photographer living as a boarder in Dorothea’s home; and Julie (Fanning), a savvy and provocative teen.

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