Hugo 3D

Hugo 3D

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Release Date: Thursday, 12 January 2012.
Starring Ben Kingsley, Sasha Baron Cohen, Emily Mortimer, Jude Law, Asa Butterfield, Chloë Grace Moretz, Christopher Lee.
Directed by Martin Scorsese.
Classification: PG (Mild Themes), 126 mins.
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HUGO tells the story of an orphan boy living a secret life in the walls of a Paris train station. With the help of an eccentric girl, he searches for the answer to a mystery linking the father he recently lost, the ill-tempered toy shop owner living below him and a heart shaped lock, seemingly without a key.

WINNER 5 Academy Awards incl: Best Cinematography
11 Academy Award Nominations incl Best Picture & Best Director
9 BAFTA Nominations incl: Best Director & Cinematography
Golden Globe Winner - Best Director (Martin Scorsese)

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